About Me

About Me

I am an engineer with over 8 years of dedication to software development and infrastructure design. Throughout this extensive journey, I have led numerous engineering teams, tackling the forefront of technology together. My deep expertise in leveraging serverless architecture on the AWS platform has led numerous projects to success, earning me the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification.

My technical stack is diverse, but I particularly excel in developing fullstack web application using Python and TypeScript. Furthermore, my experience in data science with AWS has enabled me to contribute to data-driven decision-making processes through practical knowledge and skills.

Moreover, as an amateur DTM composer and guitarist, I have engaged in various projects, including collaborations with chocoholic.

Beyond the realms of engineering and music, I am deeply passionate about photography. All the photos showcased on this portfolio site are captured by me, from various corners of the world. Capturing the unspoken stories through subjects has broadened my creative vision, making photography not just a part of my life but a mode of expression.

Through this portfolio site, I hope you can sense my technical achievements, deep love for music, and visual expressions through photography. I look forward to collaborating on any project with enthusiasm. Thank you for considering my profile.





We focus on landscapes, historical buildings, and emotional photography.
  • 江ノ電


Compose high-tempo, rhythmic songs, mainly for Vocaloid.


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work history

Where I've worked.
February 2024- Current
Data Engineering developer

Developing Data Clean Room with Snowflake and AWS.

September 2022- Current
SRE Engineer

Support engineering teams through accelerated CI/CD, maintenance of e2e testing, switch to Faas, and adoption of Blue/Green deployments.

August 2021- February 2024
Full Cycle Developer and Development Team Leader

Developing an event platform using React, Nest.js (TypeScript), and AWS.

Leading the development of video distribution infrastructure and the creation of connectors for MA/SFA integration, including public API infrastructure development and Marketo/Salesforce.

April 2019- July 2021
Data Engineering developer & Tech Lead

Developing data analysis infrastructure using AWS because of analysis of the Chat-bot's conversations.

Senior engineer and AWS tech Lead of developing Web-based and Native App Chat-bot services by using AWS and Python, Node.js.

October 2017- March 2019
DevOps developer

Developing and Operating Web-based Chatbot services by using AWS and Python, Node.js.

The architecture is applied by AWS management services such as ECS with Docker, DynamoDB, Lambda, and S3.

Also, creating CI/CD pipelines using by Drone and automation tests using by Pytest.

April 2017- September 2017
Project Manager

I had many experiences such as project management, team building, and handling big data. Our team created the analytics operation system with Splunk and Hadoop(MapR) Used for the company's internal log.

April 2016- March 2017
DevOps developer

Developing and operating some location-based services by using on-premise servers.


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